Frequently Asked Questions

Below are questions frequently asked about us and about our beliefs. Though we strive to publish exhaustive details of our beliefs through weekly sermons and a broad range of documents on this site, we hope the following FAQ's may provide a quick answer for some of the simpler questions. For more, please use the search feature above to explore our web site; and feel free to contact us as you explore our site.


Are you a church?

What denomination are you?

How can I donate to your church?

Is there a church like yours near me?

Are you Primitive Baptists?

Are you Reformed Baptists?

Are you a cult?

Are you a 501(c)(3) church?


Do you offer online counseling?

Are your Proverbs commentaries available in a book?

Why are your documents not signed?

May I use your documents?

Narrow Viewpoint

Why do you sweat the small stuff?

Why are you such legalists?

Why are you so divisive?

Why do you judge others?

Why are you so harsh in your presentation?


Why are you against saving souls?

Why do you worship on Sun Day?

Isn't the Catholic Church the Mother Church?