Recent Sermons


Gift of the Holy Ghost

4/23/17 AM

A repeat sermon from 10/10/2016 about the Holy Spirit as spoil for the suffering of Jesus.

The great gift of the Holy Spirit for believers was given by God to Jesus, who in turn gave Him to repentant believers at Pentecost. Because Jesus willingly gave Himself in death to God for you, God rewarded Him with spoil that He has shared with the church. Rejoice!

Praise & Prayer Service

4/23/17 PM

Special prayer service to pray for more of the Holy Ghost and His ministries to us.

Paul prayed for more of the Holy Ghost and His work in individual believers and in corporate lives of churches. There is much more needed from Him than just regeneration. It is a fault of many Baptists to ignore or neglect the role of the Holy Spirit. A body is dead without Him.

Making Wise Decisions

4/19/17 PM

PowerPoint slides for the four dangerous enemies of making wise decisions in life.

Every day you make many decisions. The life of faith requires you to make them by fear and love of God and the truth and wisdom of the Bible. But there are four subtle enemies that powerfully influence men to bad decisions. This presentation also includes a valuable table.

Gospel of John (65)

4/16/17 AM

7:19-24 for Jesus rebuking the Jews for their hypocrisy about keeping the Sabbath.

The Jews wanted to kill Jesus for healing the impotent man on the Sabbath (5:16-18; 7:1). He rebuked them for hypocrisy - they would break the Law to kill Him, and they broke it every Sabbath with circumcisions. He taught wisdom about judging deeper than appearance.

Gospel of John (66)

4/16/17 PM

7:25-36 for the Jews confusion about the origin and destination of Jesus of Nazareth.

The Jews thought they had the origin of Jesus figured out, but they were blind to several facts due to not knowing God. They also missed His prophecy about His ascension by taking His words foolishly and naturally. Praise God for the gospel teaching you all the details of Christ.

Easter in Acts 12:4

4/15/17 PM

The KJV Bible has no error in Acts 12:4; it uses Easter for the Jewish Passover.

Many are amused or confused by use of Easter in Acts 12:4, and others want to find fault with the King James Bible. But there is no issue for Bible students. Easter is the English word for Passover in that verse. Passover is the feast of unleavened bread stated right in the context.

Women as Trees of Life

4/12/17 PM

PPT slides for girls and women to review the Bible mandate to be trees of life.

Being a Christian and living without helping others in godliness is a wasted life. You ignore the second command. You wrongly think you can love God and ignore His children. You neglect the duty to perfect others. These slides were to provoke the women of the church.

Personal Qualifications

4/10/17 PM

Spiritual character is more important than the technical rules of Bible heremeneutics.

Jesus taught in John 7:17 that learning the truth depends on personal and spiritual traits - especially obedience. Jesus Himself shocked His hearers by His knowledge without seminary training - for God had taught Him. God will also teach you (Ps 119:18; Luke 8:18; Eph 1:17).

Gospel of John (64)

4/9/17 AM

7:10-17 for Jesus at Feast of Tabernacles teaching men how to confirm true doctrine.

The people feared to discuss Jesus due to the Jewish leaders. The fear of man is a snare (Pr 29:25). His preaching blew them away by His O.T. knowledge without seminary. He told His hearers obeying God was the way for God to confirm the truth of His doctrine (Jn 7:17).

Praise and Thanksgiving

4/9/17 PM

Spontaneous service given to praise, thanksgiving, and prayer. Hallelujah!

The open pulpit policy of the church allowed five men to praise and give thanks before the congregation (Ps 34:1-3; 35:18; I Cor 14:26; Heb 13:15). The church then gave thanks to God and laid many petitions before Him for our spiritual and natural needs. All glory to God!

What Is a Church?

4/6/17 PM

Detailed Bible support for about 33 different glorious aspects of each local church.

A local church is more important than most Christians think, especially today. David loved the O.T. house of God, and believers today ought to love the house of God in the local church. This study uses the Bible to identity the glorious roles and traits of each local church.

Church Membership

4/5/17 PM

PowerPoint slides for simple review and reminder of glory of local churches.

The local church is important, if you trust the Bible over experiences, feelings, and trends. God chose churches for N.T. worship. You cannot be a loner and please God. David craved congregational worship with others. Do you? Do you seek to perfect them in Christ?

Resurrection Power (1)

4/2/17 AM

God is the source of life, raised Jesus our Lord from the dead, and will resurrect us.

Our religion has great power and hope. We sinned to be cursed with death in Eden, but Jesus rose from the dead and has power to give life by His voice. He will resurrect us to life when He raises all bodies. We should live in light of the resurrection in newness of life.

Resurrection Power (2)

4/2/17 PM

God is the source of life, raised Jesus our Lord from the dead, and will resurrect us.

Our religion has great power and hope. We sinned to be cursed with death in Eden, but Jesus rose from the dead and has power to give life by His voice. He will resurrect us to life when He raises all bodies. We should live in light of the resurrection in newness of life.

Gospel of John (62)

3/26/17 AM

7:1-3 for the brothers of Jesus pressing Him foolishly to attend the feast in Jerusalem.

After the Jews tried to kill Him for healing the impotent man (John 5:16-18), Jesus remained in Galilee to avoid the spotlight and danger in Judea. When the feast of tabernacles arrived, His unbelieving brothers tried to pressure Him into traveling with them to Jerusalem.

Gospel of John (63)

3/26/17 PM

7:4-9 for His answer to His brothers about attending the feast in dangerous Judea.

Jesus brothers did not believe Him as Messiah and Son of God. When they pressured Him to attend the feast in Jerusalem, He responded to them about His danger there and their lack of the same. He told them to go without Him. He then followed them to the feast in secret.

Maccabees - the Hammer of God

3/22/17 PM

PowerPoint study for men to know God, be strong for Him, and do exploits for Him.

During years between the two testaments, the Greeks persecuted the Jews. Antiochus IV Epiphanes was by far the worst, desecrating and profaning the temple. God raised up the Maccabees to defeat the Seleucids and cleanse the temple. What are your exploits for God?

Truth Is Not a Right (4)

3/19/17 AM

Somewhat of a review thus far emphasizing the privilege and opportunity of truth.

We have a cause as much as David against Goliath and Peter against the 5,000 that forsook Jesus. God gives truth, and it is a blessing deserving much thanksgiving, and it is an opportunity to be leveraged for further blessings and to avoid His just chastening.

Truth Is Not a Right (5)

3/19/17 PM

We are responsible for truth God reveals, because He blinds and hardens many.

Most Christians will not believe God blinds men or hides truth, but the Bible shows His work over and over. Because of His judgment of men, truth brings a responsibility to appreciate it and obey it. If men neglect or reject the truth God offers, they will be chastened or punished.


3/15/17 PM

God saved you to change you, and your growth and progress should be obvious.

Real Christians change and grow. A lack of fruit and progress is condemning. Those in Christ are new creatures and every part of their lives is new. It is a choice to daily put off the old man and put on the new. Change for God, those depending on you, and yourself. Change!