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The End of the Universe (1)

3/17/19 AM

God promised He will destroy the heavens and earth soon for the sins of mankind.

The wrath and vengeance of God are hardly known today. Most pulpits will not preach them. They ignore the Flood drowning all with the breath of life. They ignore most everything else as well. God is their pet and gumball machine. Listen to any sermon by Joel Osteen.

The End of the Universe (2)

3/17/19 PM

God has promised to save some from the coming destruction of the whole universe.

Men love anger and revenge - if against their enemies. But they reject God having any toward men for far greater sins. He will destroy this place soon. But He sent Jesus Christ to die for His elect children. They will watch the universe burn and then inherit the new one.

Pauls Fourth Preaching Trip (1)

3/10/19 AM

27:1-44 as Paul is a prisoner on a ship to Rome and wrecks on the island of Malta.

God inspired Luke to write minute details of the travels and shipwreck of Paul for us to see His providence and protection to get Paul to Rome with liberties to continue his ministry. He clearly showed the apostolic gifts of prophecy, taking up serpents, and healing the sick.

Pauls Fourth Preaching Trip (2)

3/10/19 PM

28:1-31 as the Lord protected Paul and got him to Rome with many useful liberties.

Paul reached Rome and had liberty to receive guests and preach to any that would meet. He warned Jews of their precarious situation. He wrote seven epistles from here. He likely got released and traveled a bit more being being killed. His evangelism affected even Britain.

Intro & Map to Fourth Preaching Trip

3/9/19 PM

To introduce Acts 27-28 and more, we saw how God had mercy on this planet and us.

Without a preacher, you cannot know Jesus or His gospel (Rom 10:13-15). Paul as prisoner went from Caesarea to Rome, where he taught two years. He wrote seven epistles there. He was likely released and traveled yet further. He converted some that took the gospel to Britain.

Boasting About God - Job

3/6/19 PM

Job chapters 38-41 are precious chapters of God boasting great things about Himself.

God boasted of creation to humble Job. He mocked evolution and all men. Love God exalting Himself over Job. These are exciting chapters in the Bible for your family. The great lesson - God is greater than man - He can do to you anything He chooses (Job 33:12).

Pauls Third Preaching Trip (1)

3/3/19 AM

18:23 - 19:41 as Paul saw his region again, especially Ephesus, and then captured.

Paul visited the churches in Phygria and Galatia for the third time. He went to Ephesus, which he had visited briefly at the end of his second trip. He spent three years in that wicked city with great success, so that all in Asia heard. He likely started the seven churches of Asia.

Pauls Third Preaching Trip (2)

3/3/19 PM

20:01 - 21:30 as Paul saw Greece, warned Ephesian elders, then caught in Jerusalem.

Paul made a quick tour of Macedonia and Achaia (possibly Illyricum). He then reminded and warned the elders of Ephesus with duties and dangers. This ministerial exchange is pure gold. He traveled to Jerusalem, where the Jews caught him and then the Romans rescued him.

Intro & Map to Third Preaching Trip

3/2/19 PM

To introduce Acts 18-21, we considered how God had mercy on this planet and us.

Without a preacher, you cannot know Jesus or His glorious gospel (Rom 10:13-15). The third trip took Paul to Illyricum (Yugoslavia). He sent Titus to Dalmatia (Croatia). Ephesus is focus of this trip, which ended with Paul captured by the Jews and rescued by Romans in Jerusalem.

Power Couples (1)

2/27/19 PM

A power couple is an exceptional husband and exceptional wife working as a team.

Aquila and Priscilla were a power couple. They are in the N.T. six times. A great man or great woman is not a power couple, only when both spouses work as a team for kingdom goals. You must marry high, and/or husbands must lead marriages upward to this high standard.

Pauls Second Preaching Trip (1)

2/24/19 AM

15:1 - 16:12 for God sending Paul and Silas to preach the gospel in Europe.

After Paul got the Jerusalem Church to correct their Jewish legalists, he and Silas confirmed the churches from his first trip and were led by the Spirit into Europe to preach in Macedonia and Achaia. Are you grateful for God doing this for you? Are you publishing the truth further?

Pauls Second Preaching Trip (2)

2/24/19 PM

16:13 - 18:22 for God blessing Paul and Silas in Macedonia, Achaia, and Asia.

Luke recorded a few powerful events and some memorable conversions for us. Paul continued on into Athens and Corinth, the latter place where many were saved and a church formed. He stopped in Ephesus for a short time before returning to his home in Antioch of Syria.

Intro & Map to Second Preaching Trip

2/23/19 PM

To introduce Acts 15-18, we considered how God had mercy on this planet and us.

Without a preacher, you cannot know Jesus or His liberating truth (Rom 10:13-15). You would have adored superstition and abominable rites others have followed. You might even have burned your children to Molech. Thank God for Paul and publish the truth in your sphere.

Boasting About God - Isaiah

2/20/19 PM

Isaiah chapters 40-48 are precious chapters of God boasting great things about Himself.

These chapters of God boasting reveals Himself to us, mocks false religion, rebukes doubters, and comforts His people. If you want to delight in God and be like David, you will love reading His boasts about Himself. Rejoice in this cherry picking. Use with family, believers, or contacts.

This Day Have I Begotten Thee

2/18/19 PM

In Acts 13:33 Paul applied Psalm 2:7 to the resurrection of our Lord. Believe it!

God said in Psalm 2:7, Thou art my Son; this day have I begotten thee. When did it occur? Do you think in Bethlehem? Origen, the Pope, and John MacArthur think in eternity past by eternal generation. Paul said it occurred at Jesus resurrection. The Bible supports Paul.

Pauls First Preaching Trip (1)

2/17/19 AM

13:1-41 for God sending Paul and Barnabas to preach the truth to Gentiles.

God had let Gentiles be ignorant for 4000 years. He had given His word only to Israel (Ps 147:19-20). But the great mystery of godliness included the gospel going to Gentiles (I Tim 3:16). From Antioch in Syria God sent Paul and Barnabas on a 1500-mile preaching trip.

Pauls First Preaching Trip (2)

2/17/19 PM

13:42-14:28 for Paul and Barnabas and their first trip before returning to Antioch.

The two apostles had great success in Antioch in Pisidia, where they turned to the Gentiles. They had more success in other cities before returning to confirm believers, ordain elders, and exhort to suffering. They then rehearsed the trip in their home church of Antioch, Syria.

Intro & Map to First Preaching Trip

2/16/19 PM

To introduce Acts 13-14, we considered how God had mercy on this planet and us.

The Pale Blue Dot is a picture of earth from 3.7 billion miles away. We are nothing by the picture, and we are nothing by the testimony of scripture. But God had mercy on us, sending His Son to save us from our sins, and sending Paul to preach the gospel of Jesus to Gentiles.

Superstition or Truth

2/10/19 AM

Acts 17:16-34 for Paul at Mars Hill in Athens with truth for Greek philosophers.

Paul took the gospel to Europe in Acts 16 when God forced him west into Macedonia. Praise God! We in the West thank God for Paul taking the truth wherever the Lord led him, including the idolatrous city fathers of Athens. Use the linked map on the first page of the outline.

The Sordid Story of Lot

2/10/19 PM

Genesis 19 lessons for life by Lot ruining his entire family by compromise with sin.

Abraham was the friend of God, but Lot was the friend of Sodom. By moving near Sodom, then moving in, then joining city council, then giving three daughters to Sodom boys, Lot destroyed his family. Here are 50 lessons to live more like Abraham and not like Lot.