Recent Sermons


Joseph the Prince

2/15/17 PM

PowerPoint sermon about the character of Joseph mainly for young men to copy.

Count the happy blessings of those that endure (Jas 5:11). Identify perfect men and copy them (Ps 37:37). Joseph has 14 chapters about him; he is one of the great men of the Bible and a hero of God (Heb 11:22). Here is a man that young men (and others) should emulate.

Gospel of John (56)

2/12/17 AM

6:37-40 to review salvation truth before Jesus explained their impossibility of faith.

The 5000 men plus women and children that Jesus fed are reduced in number, but they still want to argue and fuss against Jesus and His doctrine of eternal life. All they think about is the next free meal. He taught true salvation doctrine they murmured against and rejected.

Gospel of John (57)

2/12/17 PM

6:41-44 for Jesus explaining their lack of faith as a result of not being born again.

Why would these Jews resist and resent Jesus their Messiah? Because they had no spiritual life - they were not regenerated. No man can or will believe on Jesus Christ unless Almighty God makes an incredible change in Him. Only then is a man able to hear and believe truth.

Gospel of John (54)

2/5/17 AM

6:37 for the elect coming to Jesus Christ with true faith and being received.

Jesus drew a line. He told His audience that they had seen Him but would not believe (6:36). He explained that all the elect God had chosen for heaven would believe, thus indicating they were not part of the plan. Have you come to Christ for evidence of salvation?

Gospel of John (55)

2/5/17 PM

6:38-39 for Jesus coming to do the will of God in salvation and not lose one.

The will of Almighty God is the First Cause of all things, especially salvation. Jesus came to do the will of God, which was to be Redeemer for all the elect. Jesus guaranteed and promised not to lose a single one, and He would raise each one and all of the elect to eternal life.

Past, Present, and Future

2/1/17 PM

Bible study to rightly use your three time zones to maximize your life before God.

The Bible has rules for how you should view the past, and it has rules for how you should view the future. Since your past is gone, and your future unknown, all you have is the present. Choices must be wise, or the present is wasted and your future ruined, leaving a worthless life.

Gospel of John (53)

1/29/17 AM

6:37a for the glorious doctrine of God electing His children for Christ to save.

Most like the second half of John 6:37 about Jesus never casting any out that come to Him. But it is the first half that introduces the next nine verses about the sovereign grace of God in eternal life and His necessary power to regenerate and draw some to believe on Christ.

Praise & Prayer Service

1/29/17 PM

The church was very greatly blessed by testimonies, prayer, and singing to Christ.

The day began with the men praying for the best day yet in the house of the Lord. The first service set the stage with glorious joy in Jesus Christ our Saviour. This second service was filled with joy and thanksgiving for many blessings but especially salvation in Christ.

Church as a Football Team

1/26/17 PM

Are you a Christian man obsessing for excellence like TB12 is a NFL quarterback?

Bible Principles of Management (2)

1/25/17 PM

Bible study for men to be better leaders, especially in business management for jobs.

Gospel of John (51)

1/22/17 AM

6:16-27 for men seeking Jesus and being reproved for their carnal thinking.

The 5000 fed by Jesus tried to make Him king for daily bread for their bellies; Jesus left them (6:14-15). They found Him in Capernaum to be reproved once again for their earthly thinking (6:25-26). Real believers with eternal life have spiritual motives for Jesus Christ and eternity.

Gospel of John (52)

1/22/17 PM

6:27-37 for Jesus rebuking a multitude seeking earthly bread rather than spiritual.

Jesus healed many and fed the 5000 all they could eat. Their lusts of the flesh caused them to pursue Christ with words that sounded quite good. But the Lord exposed their carnal thoughts by spiritual truth and rejected them as not being either elect or regenerated.

Reversal of Fortune

1/18/17 PM

Faith has three good helpers to trust God for great deliverances when in trouble.

God gave you inspired history in the Bible of saving others, your own personal experiences, and the experiences of your brethren. Israel forgot their own history. The apostles forgot previous miracles. You should remember all past deliverances for greater faith and hope.

Gospel of John (49)

1/15/17 AM

6:1-4 to introduce its various lessons and the primary need to prove your own faith.

Many disciples were only belly worshippers, and Jesus practiced evangelism and treated crowds the opposite of seeker sensitive and church growth gurus of today. The chapter has many lessons, but the emphasis should be the need to examine your faith for true spiritual results.

Gospel of John (50)

1/15/17 PM

6:5-15 for feeding the 5000 and how Jesus exposed many as belly worshippers.

Professing Bible prophetic truth about Jesus and trying to make Him king does not prove eternal life. In fact, Jesus avoided and rejected such men knowing they only wanted more food (6:26). The miracle has practical wisdom for us and also exposed many disciples as frauds.

Higher Ground - Top Ten Review

1/8/17 AM

Jim Cutler - A review of the top ten goals for the church for its spiritual perfection.

Five Young Men

1/8/17 PM

Five excellent short sermons by young men while the pastor was on vacation.

Joshua and Caleb

1/4/17 PM

Nathan Crosby - Are you more like Joshua and Caleb or the ten faithless, evil spies?

Application of Theology

1/1/17 AM

Newell Eastland - The study of attributes of God will lead to peace and prosperity in life.

Five Young Men

1/1/17 PM

Five excellent short sermons by young men while the pastor was on vacation.