Sermons: Salvation

Is your God a beggar held hostage by the free will of man? Is He trying to save all men, but most do not care about getting saved, so He will send them to hell and grieve for eternity that few would love Him back? Or are you counting on your infant baptism or some other sacrament to get you to heaven? The Bible is very clear that all men are damned without a Saviour, but what it does declare about that Saviour and the way of salvation is little known and very unpopular today.


Seven Proofs of Unconditional Salvation

This is the most important sermon about salvation. Either God gives eternal life as a free and unconditional gift, or man must perform conditions of faith or works to be saved. If man must do anything as a condition, then God's grace is ruined, man becomes his own saviour, religious financing determines eternal destiny, and Satan robs Jesus Christ of His glory! Get ready to have God exalted and man debased for His glory!

Five Phases of Salvation

This is the second most important sermon about salvation. When were you saved? How were you saved? God saves His elect in five distinct phases or stages. Without these five aspects of salvation, you cannot rightly divide scripture on the most important Bible doctrine (II Tim 2:15). This sermon will teach you more about how to read and understand the Bible about salvation than any other. When would Paul say he was saved?

Salvation Problem Texts

This is the third most important sermon about salvation. Once established in unconditional salvation and five phases above, you need to learn how to answer and reconcile Bible verses used by heretics to teach their manmade, conditional schemes of salvation. Can you explain the verses that seem to teach baptism is necessary for salvation? that seem to teach you can lose your salvation? that seem to require faith or works?

The Facets of Salvation

This is the fourth most important sermon about salvation. Salvation means deliverance from sin, death, and hell. God chose various terms for this deliverance e.g. adoption, justification, redemption to help you appreciate it more fully. Like the polished faces of a diamond, here are seventeen facets of salvation to show the brilliance and glory of God's unspeakable grace in saving sinners. Briefly explained, they will thrill your soul!


Calvinism, Arminianism, and the Truth

Literal wars and figurative wars have been fought over these two, manmade systems of salvation. Which one is the truth? That named after John Calvin or after James Arminius? Or is the truth outside both systems? Continue your graduate study in soteriology (salvation) right here.

When Was Cornelius Saved?

The Bible tells us more about the salvation of this Italian than any other man but Paul. When was he saved? Did Peter save him by the gospel? by baptism? Instead of listening to uninspired men tell you how they were saved, learn the truth by this inspired account.

The Age of Accountability

Have you ever heard this expression? Is it right? Where is it taught in the Bible? What is the age? Twelve? Twenty? What happens to infants if they die? Do all dying babies go to heaven? The only source of truth on this matter is the Bible.

Salvation By Works

Decisional regeneration means that a person is saved by a momentary decision about Jesus. However, the Bible does not teach this modern heresy. Instead, it constantly reminds us that only good works are the true evidence of eternal life.

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