Sermons: Practical

Maximize life! God knows best how to live it. Here are answers to everything from cremation to financial success, from tattoos to virginity, from swearing to marital sex, from job promotions to charity, and much more. As a Christian, God created you and bought you, so you are twice His. You owe Him everything. He jealously demands your affection and resents any flirting with the world. Most today love pleasure more than holiness, but the Bible teaches holiness that brings lasting pleasures of all kinds, both here and in heaven.


Belly Worshippers

A war is being fought for your soul. Most Christians will lose this war voluntarily - because they will not fight their own lusts. They will join the rest of the religious world who are lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God. The blessed God has a special name for those that are preoccupied with earthly things instead of the heavenly things of the gospel - belly worshipper. Let Paul in Philippians 3:8-21 show you the great difference between carnal and spiritual Christians. Do not be an enemy of Jesus Christ by loving this life.

Bible Economics

Money matters! Solomon said it answers all things. God loves His children, so the Bible is full of advice for financial success. Forget money-begging televangelists that want to harvest your seed money for their mansions. This study explores God's word to help your family and prosper. Many have profited from it. Will you be the next?


Bring Everything Back to the Bible

The only source of truth and wisdom in the world is found in the Bible and nowhere else. All questions and problems are answered in the Bible, but you must know the Bible and obey it, in order to realize the benefit. Be a help to those around you – bring everything back to the Bible.

Godly Character

Character is those traits that identify you from others. It is the conduct that makes your reputation. It is the code of conduct that rules actions. It is the discipline and defaults of your choices. It will help you in jobs, in marriage, and glorifying God by your life. It is more important than anything else you pursue in life e.g. job, wealth, etc. The world measures by IQ and other vain standards, but not God and good men. It can be improved. Read this sermon!

Perfect Marriages

Christian marriage should be the best, easily! God created and designed marriage, and He knows better than all marital counselors combined. Are you taking advantage of the world's best marriage manual – the Bible. A short and simple sermon for sinners and saints.


Christian Charity: The Godly Response to Haiti's Earthquake (2010)

On January 12, 2010 an earthquake of magnitude 7.0 shook the island of Haiti near its capital of Port-au-Prince. The Haitian Interior Minister estimates the dead could number 200,000. In response, America’s government, churches, and pagans have donated money and goods to help the survivors recover from the great damage. We have not done so. Why have we not done so? We have plenty of funds. Can we defend our position? What is a Christian’s duty from the Bible in such situations?

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Should Christians Tithe?

TithingA growing fad among some Christians is to deny tithing. Since there are no specific directions for tithing in the New Testament, they rejoice that they can skip this duty. So they leap on the no-tithing bandwagon and roll out their rabid rhetoric. It is time to take off their wheels and let the water of God's word overwhelm them.


The Christian
and Taxes

No one likes to pay taxes any more than getting a tooth pulled. But the Bible condemns the seditious spirit, thoughts, words, and actions of so-called Christian "patriots." In fact, the harshest language of the New Testament is reserved for these false teachers that despise dominion and speak evil of dignities. If you love the Lord Jesus Christ, review His brilliance in shutting the mouths of both the Pharisees and Herodians about paying taxes.


The Most Practical Book in the Bible!

Verse by Verse Commentary: The Proverbs of Solomon

The God of heaven inspired the wisest and richest king to compose witty sayings full of advice for you to prosper in every part of your life. Nothing is off-limits in this fabulous book of the Bible. The commentary is practical, hard-hitting, current, and spiritual. There is not a better one anywhere.