Sermons: God

Our God's name is Jehovah, I AM THAT I AM (Ex 3:14; 6:3; Ps 83:18). We are not Jehovah's Witnesses, the brainwashed followers of Charles Taze Russell and Judge Rutherford. It is a shame so many Christians do not know the name of their God and His Son Jesus, whose exalted name means Jehovah is salvation (Matt 1:21). It is a shame they think God is His name, when it is rather one of His titles.

But do you truly know the God of the Bible? Even if you know His name is Jehovah? Do you know He created all things for Himself, even the wicked for the day of evil (Pr 16:4)? Do you know He blinds men with strong delusion every day like He did at Babel (II Thess 2:9-13)? Do you know He elected and predestinated some men to be His sons, and He sent His Son to die for them (Rom 8:28-33)?

The Dominion Of God

Why is there evil? Who is in charge? Why are only some saved? Some call it the sovereignty of God. It is His absolute rule of the universe. You were made for His pleasure, and He is the Potter, and you are the clay. Worship Him!


Is God The Author Of Confusion?

The Tower of Babel was never finished. The Bible has resulted in countless religions and denominations. Jesus spoke in riddles. There seem to be contradictions in the Bible. Humble yourself and beg for light only He can give!


Thou God Seest Me [Work in Progress]

If you were a black, Egyptian slave woman, pregnant by your master, and thrown out to die by his wife, what could you do? Does God care? Your race, station, sex, condition, and situation do not help. But God saw and helped!


Walking With God [Work in Progress]

Deism is heresy. God is not watching from a distance. He is knowable, and He will walk through life with any person that truly seeks Him. Do you know about walking with God? What it is? How to start it? How to keep it?

The Fear Of The Lord

The wisest man ever concluded that the most important thing in life for you is to fear God. Do you know what these words mean? The greatest blessings are reserved for those that fear the LORD, and it is a great blessing itself!


Blue Ribbon Holiness [Work in Progress]

You are not good enough for God's presence, not even close. His fury burns at the stench of your best religious acts. To be in His presence or obtain His approval requires holiness. Do you know what holiness is and how to get it?


Abundant Pardon [Work in Progress]

How are God's thoughts and ways higher than your thoughts and ways, as heaven is higher than the earth? In forgiveness and pardon! You are cruel and unmerciful in comparison. Run to Him now for mercy, while He may be found!

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A Name Above Every Name [Audio/Video]

Is Yahweh God's name? Did Mary really call her Son Jesus? What does Jesus mean? You deserve answers, and God gave them plainly in His word, for He has exalted His Son's name above every name. Do you know it well?


Proverbs 16:4

Here are the answers to four of life's greatest questions: What is the origin of things? Why do they exist? Who is the true God? And why does evil exist? This single sentence is worth your weight in gold! Humble yourself before this axiom from heaven and learn wisdom!