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The most important organization on earth is an organism. It is a body of saints joined together by their love of Jesus Christ, submitted to the rules of the New Testament, and committed to love and serve one another until He returns for them. The Spirit of the living God inhabits this organization and moves its individual members, thus it is an organism – a living thing with Jesus Christ its head, and the Holy Spirit its animating, convicting, teaching, and empowering Presence.

What Is a Church?

Church attendance, membership, and service matters little today. So-called Christians float from one church to another like club-hopping! Here is the truth about the church – how important it is to God by what the Bible says about it.

True Worshippers

Jesus told a woman of Samaria that her nation did not know what they worshipped, and He prophesied there would be no true worshippers in Jerusalem either. God wants a certain kind of worshipper. Do you know what kind? Are you one of them?

Exceeding Magnifical

Does this strange combination of words catch your attention? This is how David described what kind of temple needed to be built for the worship of God. How much are you like David in making your church the very best possible?

Christian Liberty

What do drinking beer, birth control, bungee jumping, and tattoos have in common? They cause heartburn in the church! Why? Ignorance or unwillingness to allow freedom in things God ignores. The gospel promotes freedom, but it guides your liberty for the benefit of all. Enjoy this fascinating study for peace in your heart and church.

The Triumph of Jesus Christ

You have an enemy! An enemy that deceived your first mother into suicide. Your enemy, far greater in intelligence and strength than you, is consumed with destroying your life now and taking you to hell later. But God protected the Seed of your cursed first mother and sent Jesus into the palace of the strong man to rescue you, where you were the devil's willing slave. You are now complete in Christ, the devil has been cast out of heaven, and he cannot accuse you of anything.

Review of Church Discipline

Church membership is serious business, and public sinners should be put out. However, hardly any churches practice this part of apostolic religion. Do you know the Bible doctrine? Where it is taught? Does your church practice it?

Ancient Landmarks

Churches today are changing rapidly in doctrine, practice, and worship from their fathers. Are the changes right? Should there be changes, since the Bible declared the truth once for all no matter the generation reading it?

Pillar and Ground of the Truth

God designed churches for many good purposes, but one of them is to support and defend the truth. As the world turns farther away from Bible Christianity, true churches must stand up and earnestly contend for the faith once delivered to the saints.

A Preaching Service

What should a real preaching service be like? God recorded the details of one in the Bible in which the attitude and response of the hearers and the method of instruction by the teachers are full described. What a great day! Let's celebrate!


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The Lesson of the Locust

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