Sermons: Christ

True preaching emphasizes Jesus Christ and Him crucified (I Cor 2:2; 3:11). This most important fact is glorious (Gal 6:14; I Tim 1:15; 3:16). The universe exists for the drama of the Son of God securing eternal life for His people. Preaching is not anecdotes, jokes, or stories. It is not about you being healthy, wealthy, and happy – it is about you humbling yourself before Jesus Christ and changing your life to please your Creator God and Saviour, for He is coming soon to judge the world.

Psalm 45

How about a love song? Of a glorious and victorious Prince loving and marrying His bride? What if Jesus is the Prince and you are the bride? Of all the Messianic psalms, this is the most affectionate and personal.


Order of Melchisedec

You need a priest. No earthly man can help, not even God's O.T. priests, but especially Catholic priests. Christians have only one Priest, and He was ordained after the order of Melchisedec. Do you know Him?


He Is Lord of All

Is Jesus Christ your Lord? Can you prove it? The issue is greater than words. He does not care if you call Him Lord, if you do not obey His words. Will you examine all parts of your life by His Lordship?


Seed of the Woman

God used the weaker sex – by her cursed childbearing – for a Child to destroy the devil! What power and wisdom! Her Son, lower than the angels, defeated the devil through death, the thing by which he cursed our first parents!


What a Word Is This!

Jesus Christ is the Word of God made flesh, but you need to consider the power of His spoken word! He could calm storms, cast out devils, raise the dead, and multiply small lunches with merely His word. Do you know the power of His word in two resurrections and a final sentencing?

A Name Above Every Name [Audio/Video]

Is Yahweh God's name? Did Mary really call her Son Jesus? What does Jesus mean? You deserve answers, and God gave them plainly in His word, for He has exalted His Son's name above every name. Do you know it well?

You Need a Lawyer

You are guilty and condemned to die. After death comes your sentencing by God the Judge of all. You face punishment greater than death – eternity in the lake of fire. You need the very best defense attorney.


The Stronger Man

Your parents let you be kidnapped and held in the palace of a very strong man. There is no chance of escape. You have come to like it there, so you do not know you are a prisoner. You need a stronger man to rescue you!


The Coronation of Jesus Christ

What did Jesus do after dying and rising again? Glorious things little known or appreciated. He ascended into heaven, where He was crowned and given a throne. This Jesus is Lord of all!


Jesus and the Angels

What do the greatest created beings in the universe think about Jesus? The New Testament tells us! In fact, God chose to save His elect in order to give the angels an object lesson of His wisdom and love!

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The Animated Crucifix

Passion of Christ

Attention Bible Christians! This critique is for you. If you fear God, love the truth, believe Jesus Christ is the King of kings and coming Judge, and are able to consider a Biblical counter-opinion to the world's foaming enthusiasm for this movie, then carefully read these arguments against watching it.


Deity of Jesus Christ

Is Jesus God? The Deity of Jesus Christ is the doctrine that Jesus Christ of Nazareth was and is truly God. The so-called Witnesses of Jehovah (groupies of Charles Taze Russell and Judge Rutherford) say Jesus was only a god, though He was actually Jehovah! Muslims say he was only a prophet. Mormons say he was a created spirit brother to Lucifer. Hindus say, "Who is Jesus?" What do you say?

Sonship of Christ

Satan has attacked the Lord Jesus Christ from the beginning. And false religion, primarily the
Catholic Church and her daughter churches, has cooperated with him. Men did not know Him
when He was on earth, and they do not know Him today. Do you worship a begotten god? We do not! The Nicene Creed, adored by all denominational churches, demands a begotten god. Jesus of Nazareth is Jehovah, the Mighty God, in the flesh! He is only begotten in His humanity. Do you understand the sonship of Jesus Christ? He must be the object of your faith (Acts 8:37; I John 5:5)!


He Is Altogether Lovely

How beautiful is Jesus Christ to you? Is he the fairest of ten thousand to your soul? How can we measure His beauty? Let us compare Him to the most ideal man we can imagine by every measure of greatness.