What Endless Wisdom

The infinite wisdom of God is most revealed in salvation
by Jesus Christ the God/Man. How can a holy God forgive sinners? It required a brilliant plan!




What Endless Wisdom

Words by: J. Matthew Jones, 1963-
Music by: E. J. King 1844

Sing to the tune of "The Child of Grace"

What endless wisdom did it take to save poor sinful man!
A holy God to be appeased required a brilliant plan.
The soul that sinneth, it must die; justice cannot release,
God bound in truth, man locked in sin; the two could not find peace.

Yet by great wisdom and much grace, justice He satisfied.
It pleased the LORD to bruise His Son; oh, for our sins He died.
Incarnate God, oh, Man divine, could there be such a One,
To fully bear the wrath of God? None only but His Son.

The serpent's lie brought death and hell, with life of misery.
Cursed sweat, thorns, and great pain in birth, yet hope in prophecy!
By pain of birth God did bring joy; by means of death brought life;
By man fulfilled the broken law, and bought us for His wife.

The curse of sweaty work was borne that night before He died.
The thorns from Eden's curse He wore, then law was crucified.
A bruise Christ suffered on His heel, while crushing Satan's head.
The devil thought to kill the Son, himself destroyed instead.

Oh, triumph in great victory, He won for us that hour.
The stronger Man dark angels spoiled, and showed Who had the pow'r.
When Christ returns to take us home, we shall forever sing:
Blessing and glory and wisdom to Jesus Christ our King!


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Published by permission from the author.