Electing Grace

Sing a new song giving all glory to our sovereign God, the blessed Potter of the universe. The just God of heaven owes salvation to no man, but by His electing grace we are saved.




Electing Grace

Words by: J. Matthew Jones, 1963-
Music by: Carl G. Glaser, 1784-1829

Sing to the tune of
"O for a Thousand Tongues"

All glory to our Sov'reign God,
For His electing grace!
Adopted to be sons of God,
Ere Earth was formed in space.

Does not the potter have the right,
To form what's good to him;
One dish adore, one to destroy,
Based merely on his whim?

We dare not ask "What doest Thou?"
Nor think Thy choice unfair.
Were but one sinner shown Thy grace,
Is love beyond compare.

Rebecca when the twins conceived,
Heard of God's love and hate.
No good nor evil had they done,
Let there be no debate.

Is there unrighteousness with God?
Forbid we think it so.
Were justice only to prevail,
None would His mercy know.

Give glory to our Sov'reign God,
Man's will and work dismiss.
The will of God and work of Christ,
Alone secures our bliss!


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Published by permission from the author.