Easter: When Rome Makes 2=3!

The greatest sign Jesus gave proving His deity was to predict His resurrection in three days and three nights. How many nights are there between Good Friday and Easter Sunday morning? Easter tradition tells us Jesus was in the ground only two nights, but Jesus tells us three. Who should we believe? Let God be True!

The NOAH Movie

A Hollywood Atheist Attacks
God and the Bible


Christian friend, these notes about Hollywood’s Noah assume you fear and love the living and true God of the Bible and want to honor Him and His word with your life.

Easter: We have a few problems

What do bunnies, eggs, and sunrise services have to do with the resurrection of Jesus Christ?

Hint: nothing whatsoever.



Questions Your Pastor
Hopes You Won't Ask

These questions provoked us in the past to seek God's answers, and we hope they will do the same for you.

If your pastor loves and preaches the truth, we love him and pray for him.


The Witness of 70AD

Jesus Christ is Lord! There is no single greater evidence or proof of the divine origin of Christianity, the great glory and power of the Lord Jesus Christ as King of the kingdom of God, and the accuracy and reliability of the Bible than the prophecies and their fulfillments regarding the destruction of Jerusalem by the Roman armies under Titus in 70 AD.


Seven Proofs of Unconditional Salvation

How are you saved? Did God save you by free grace? Or did you save yourself by some act? Or did you do something to cooperate with God and make Jesus Christ's work effective for you? There are only two ways a sinner can be saved. Either God saves him unconditionally as a free gift of His grace, or he must do something in order to obtain it for himself. There is no other choice. All religions and doctrines are either unconditional or conditional. Either man does nothing for his salvation, or he must do something.